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Radial Bearings

Our PDC radial bearings are designed to carry the radial, or side loads, in down-hole drilling tools. US Synthetic bearings offer a more abrasive resistant bearing with the potential to increase tool life, reliability, and side load carrying capacity than tungsten carbide alternatives.

Radial Bearings

Thrust Bearings

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Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) thrust bearings are comprised of a series of PCD inserts assembled (usually by brazing) in carrier rings. A typical PCD thrust bearing set includes a rotating and stationary bearing ring. These two rings oppose each other with the planar PCD surface of one ring in direct contact with the PCD surface of the mating ring.

During operation, the PCD surfaces of the rotating and stationary rings rub against each other. This rubbing contact exhibits very low friction (typically between 0.05 and 0.07). At higher speeds, the friction in PCD bearings can be further reduced as the bearings transition to mixed lubrication and even hydrodynamic lubrication regimes. Hydrodynamic lubrication occurs when a thin film of fluid separates the opposing bearing surfaces, resulting in very low friction coefficients. Laboratory tests conducted by US Synthetic have measured friction coefficients below 0.01 when hydrodynamic lubrication has been achieved.

The ultra-high hardness and strength of PCD allows US Synthetic Bearings' thrust bearings to sustain very high loads during operation. In addition, wearing at a very low rate, results in the PCD bearings lasting from 1000 hours to many years, depending on the application. PCD thrust bearings are ideally suited for process-fluid-lubricated applications, particularly those where abrasive particles are present in the fluid. The PCD inserts used by US Synthetic Bearings also utilizes the highest quality steel grade available.

PCD Bearing Capabilities:

US Synthetic Bearings' thrust bearings are typically custom designed for each application. US Synthetic Bearing’s engineering team can create a specific design for each customers' application and provide performance estimates. Contact us for more information.