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Wear and Custom Applications

Polycrystalline diamond is an extremely wear resistant material that can be used to protect drilling tool components from abrasive wear caused by contact between the exterior of the tool and the bore-hole wall.

Wear and Custom Applications

Combination Bearings

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Some loading scenarios may require bearings that sustain both thrust and radial loads. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) bearings can be manufactured by US Synthetic Bearings to meet these requirements. PCD inserts can be assembled in carrier rings and finished with a tapered profile. The taper angle can be adjusted to accommodate higher thrust loads or higher radial loads as required by the application.

In some applications, PCD thrust and radial bearings have been integrated into a single bearing unit to provide for a more compact bearing assembly. In these assemblies, the PCD inserts that sustain the thrust load are assembled into a single carrier ring with the PCD inserts that sustain the radial load rather than the standard configuration where two carrier rings are used – one for each loading direction. Our PCD inserts also utilize the highest quality steel grade available.

USS Bearings prides itself in its ability to precisely shape polycrystalline diamond. This has allowed us to provide PCD bearings for combined loads that have accurate surfaces, tight clearance tolerances and ultra-fine surface finishes.

US Synthetic's bearings for combined loads are custom designed for each application. The engineering team at USS Bearings can create a specific design for your application and provide performance estimates for our bearings in that application. Contact us for more information.