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Custom Bearings

All US Synthetic PCD bearings and wear parts are custom designed for each application. We work closely with our customers to develop bearings that can be easily integrated into existing or new tools. The US Synthetic Bearings engineering teams provide design support, prototype manufacturing, and in-house laboratory testing to help our customers meet the needs of their specific applications.

Custom Applications

Diamond Bearings for Industrial Pumps

US Synthetic Bearings offers durable, long-lasting pump bearings specifically designed for transfer pumps, Electric Submersible pumps (ESP), stationary pumps, and injection pumps.

US Synthetic bearings are the most advanced diamond-based parts on the market. The strength and durability of our bearings are the result of each part's state-of-the-art Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) technology.

wear parts

This core technology ensures that each Industrial Pump Bearing:

US Synthetic pump bearings are designed to exact specifications and are backed by a commitment to superior customer service, ensuring that our customers get the quality, precision and value they need and expect. US Synthetic Bearings prides itself on reducing lead time and delivering products on time.

For industrial bearing equipment, US Synthetic bearings are the perfect choice for design engineers looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and proven solution. For more information on US Synthetic bearings for industrial applications, contact us today or read more about our technology advantage.