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Diamond Bearings for Industrial Pumps

Pumping abrasive-laden liquids or mixed phase fluids is a tough job. That’s why, US Synthetic offers the most durable, longest-lasting bearings specifically designed for transfer pumps, Electric Submersible pumps (ESP), stationary pumps, and injection pumps.

Industrial Pump Bearings

Custom Bearings

All US Synthetic PCD bearings and wear parts are custom designed for each application. By working closely with customers, US Synthetic Bearings is able to develop custom bearings that can be easily integrated into existing or new tools. The US Synthetic Bearings engineering teams provide design support, prototype manufacturing, and in-house laboratory testing to help customers meet the needs of their specific applications.

custom bearings

The typical process for creating custom-built bearings and wear parts starts with determining specific customer needs for a specific application. This step may apply to existing or new product designs. Design information usually includes:

custom design process

Based on the information gathered, the US Synthetic engineering team develops a proposed custom bearing design including the PDC insert size, insert quantity, and insert layout. A customer can then review the design and suggest changes (if any) that need to be made. Based on the feedback received, US Synthetic Bearings provide final manufacturing drawings and a price quotation for the prototypes. US Synthetic prides itself on our ongoing commitment to customer support--from conceptual design through the entire life of the product.

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