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US Synthetic uses proprietary cubic press technology that consists of six large pistons, each of which is capable of supplying several thousand tons of force. Each piston pushes on a small tungsten carbide anvil, which in turn compresses a cubic pressure cell that contains the raw materials (carbide and diamond crystals). As soon as the cubic press reaches the desired pressure, electric current flows through a resistance heater embedded in the pressure cell to generate the required high temperatures. These conditions are maintained long enough to ensure complete diamond-to-diamond bonding of the individual crystals. For more information…

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US Synthetic was orginally founded as a small diamond grit manufacturing company by Louis Pope in 1978. Over the company's 30-year history, Louis and his team of synthetic diamond experts have expanded and evolved the business into a leader in the development of polycrystalline diamond (PDC) inserts for oil and gas exploration. Over the years, US Synthetic has worked with some of the largest names in oil and gas exploration. In the early days, US Synthetic focused on developing innovative proprietary cubic press technology for high-pressure, high-temperature diamond synthesis and manufacturing polycrystalline diamond (PDC) cutters for the oil and gas exploration industry.

Throughout the 1990's, an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and personalized customer service fueled US Synthetic's rapid growth and success. In 1993, US Synthetic became the first PDC manufacturer to become ISO 9000 certified. The company introduced many of the decade's most significant innovations and advances in the use of diamond for oil and gas drilling. And by 1997, US Synthetic had become the industry's leading supplier of diamond products.

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Since 2000, the US Synthetic Bearings division has been actively expanding on the company's leadership position by developing innovative new diamond bearing solutions and exploring new uses for diamond bearings both inside and outside the oil and gas drilling industry. Since the company began offering diamond-enhanced bearing assemblies, these innovative products have already been approved for a number of mission-critical downhole components in the oil and gas drilling industry.

As the use of diamond bearings in downhole equipment evolves and expands, US Synthetic Bearings will continue to innovate and explore new uses for diamond inserts, and the development of new products for all types of applications and industries.

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