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technology advantage

US Synthetic uses proprietary cubic press technology that consists of six large pistons, each of which is capable of supplying several thousand tons of force. Each piston pushes on a small tungsten carbide anvil, which in turn compresses a cubic pressure cell that contains the raw materials (carbide and diamond crystals). As soon as the cubic press reaches the desired pressure, electric current flows through a resistance heater embedded in the pressure cell to generate the required high temperatures. These conditions are maintained long enough to ensure complete diamond-to-diamond bonding of the individual crystals. For more information…

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Charitable Involvement

US Synthetic and its employees are working hard to enhance the lives of people throughout the world. The company and employees are lending a helping hand to extremely impoverished women in Kenya, through Yehu microfinance. Through generous donations, Yehu microfinance provides financial and other support services for small businesses owned by very poor women in the rural coastal region of Kenya. Yehu is an organization for the poor, run by the poor.

US Synthetic Bearings and Yehu work in conjunction with Choice Humanitarian, an international NGO specializing in village development. Yehu was created based on the principles and procedures of the world-renowned Grameen Bank.

Yehu combats poverty by empowering poor rural women in Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty through enhanced accessibility to sustainable financial services. This includes enabling them to save and earn interest while giving them access to micro-loans, which can be used to start or expand their small businesses. Other services that are provided by Yehu are micro-insurance, as well as many other services, as they are needed, to improve the lives of its members. Ultimately, Yehu provides hope and a hand up to those who have been marginalized by society.

Helping one another succeed is a strong part of the US Synthetic Bearings' culture. Many US Synthetic Bearings' employees have donated their time and financial resources in helping this worthwhile cause. To find out how you can help, visit Yehu Microfinance.