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us synthetic history

Over its 30-year history, US Synthetic has worked with some of the largest names in oil and gas exploration. In the early days, US Synthetic focused on developing innovative proprietary cubic press technology for high-pressure, high-temperature diamond synthesis and manufacturing polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC) for the oil and gas exploration industry. Read More

executive team

Jair Gonzales | General Manager

Having joined US Synthetic team in 1997 as a Diamond Machinist and continued on in numerous capacities, Jair brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the uses of diamond as an engineering material and its constantly expanding range of potential capabilities and applications for US Synthetic Bearings. As General Manager of the Bearings division, Jair is responsible for the development of the overall bearings business.

Jair received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as his MBA, at Brigham Young University.

Craig H. Cooley | Chief Engineer

Craig has been employed at US Synthetic Corporation for the past 11 years, and brings 25 years of experience in research, development and engineering to the US Synthetic Bearings division. As Chief Engineer at US Synthetic, Craig is responsible for the development of new technologies for the US Synthetic business. Previous to his work at US Synthetic, Craig conducted drilling research for Hughes Christensen Company, where he gained extensive R&D experience in oil and gas technologies. He has also conducted extensive contract research in rock mechanics at TerraTek Incorporated during his career.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah as well as a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. Craig is a registered professional engineer in the state of Utah.

Marc Modersitzki | Marketing Director

Marc brings extensive marketing background to the US Synthetic Bearings team with 15 years of technology management and commercialization experience in advertising, marketing communications, public relations and project management. Marc has served as a managing supervisor at McCann Erickson, a marketing director at Sprout Marketing, a product marketing manager at The SCO Group, and a senior account executive at Brodeur Worldwide—working with technology clients including IBM, Microsoft, Micron, Novell, etc.

Marc holds an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA in technology management and commercialization from Westminster College.